Hello !!

Welcome to Sèté Hair Salon at Shimokitazawa Tokyo.


Thank you for coming my blog .

I’m “Matsu”.

Nice to meet you  (‘u’   ) !!


Before , I wrote this blog.

English Speaking Hair Salon&appointment [ROSSO & Sete Shimokitazawa ]

Have you seen this?

I informed about our experience and shop styles.









Unfortunately ,

We closed that salon (Rosso Shimokitazawa) for corona virus


we moved to [Sèté] in September 2020.

This  is Rosso group’s  New shop!!

2-22-12  Refua build 1F  Kitazawa  Setagayaku  Tokyo




Call to 0368055636


If you need english ,please contact me.


My instagram[sete.matsu]



If you can read Japanese, I recommend『Online Reservation



So, I thought that I should introduce our new salon [Sèté] to u.

Have a look at  this !!






We opened in November 2019.


This salon’s image is from Sète(South France).


Like this




This shop is the 4th Rosso group’s salon.

We have big kitchen but I don’t know why.  (For party?lol)

A bit small shop but you can relax.  ( ‘ v ‘)b




(The first salon was open in Nishiogikubo at 27 years ago.)



We are using worldwide’s high quality products.


For example..


Aveda (Made in USA)


MOROCCAN OIL(Made in Israel)


E-STANDARD(Made in Japan)




And best staffs(with masks)


And many more ….



So , We have responsibility and proud for our technique  and service.


Anyway, we have a preparation for your enjoying our salon.

We look forward to welcoming you in our salon!!


Price list (excluding tax)

cut    ¥6,300-  (including shampoo & dry)

student cut   ¥5,250-

cut & color ¥13,650 ~

cut & perm ¥13,650 ~

cut & straightning  ¥21,000 ~

treatment ¥2,100  ~  ¥6,300-

shampoo & blow ¥4,200-


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